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Lebanon Beirut death toll rises up to 135 as 5000 injured.

The moment a huge explosion ripped through Lebanon capital,Beriut. Eyewitness told a shok wave engulfing residential district. The blast came out from the warehouse in the city’s port area. In … Read More

Citizens from US,UK and Aus receive unidentified seeds packet from China

People in at least six US states have received seed packet, which are labeled as jewelry from china. Farmers in the UK have also received unsolicited deliveries of garden seeds sent … Read More

India reform education policy NEP2020 after 3 decades

India the country has launched its new education policy in a bid to ramp updigital learning and promote the country as a global study destination. Thenew education policy has introduced … Read More

Thailand govt excuse all the charges against Red Bull Heir in Ferrari crash in mishap

Police representative said We have done our best in order to charge him. But, in fact, the case is with the public attorney general, So i don’t know exactly what … Read More

RBS asked majority of its employees to work from home until 2021 due to Chinese Virus Pandemic

The work from home option adopted after covid 19 pandemic has given many companies. A new way to save costs and get the work done now Royal Bank of Scotland … Read More

Six year old superhero saved his younger sister from dog attack

The 6-year-old boy named Bridger walker, he’s from Wyoming and people are calling him a hero after he put himself in between a charging dog, and he saved his little sister. … Read More

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