Actor Lori Loughlin Pleads Guilty in College Scam Case Over Zoom

Actor Laurie Lachlan and her fashion designer husband were in front of a judge today pleading guilty to their role in the College Admission scandal but their appearance and their plea were done virtually amra lion-o has more the day of reckoning has come for Laurie Lachlanand her husband as they plead guilty in federal court via zoom technology okay there’s Laurie Lachlan and her husband reporters and the general public were permitted to watch but we are legally prohibited from showing video or audioLachlan looks very serious paying close attention to the judge she’s dressed ina dark green blouse with a bow and doesappear to be quite somber I viewed the proceedings from our temporary scaled-down newsroom where we’ve beenhunkering down during the pandemic firstI had to sign up on the course websiteand fill out a form then I was sent a zoom link at the appointed hour I clicked on the link and was held in a digital waiting room until the court led us in Laughlin is expected to be sentenced to two months in federal prison her husband fashion designer MassimoJian Uli is expected to get five months for their role in the College Admission scandal the judge said he will sign off on the plea deal only after he reads the pre-sentencing report their daughters Isabella and Olivia are said to be very supportive of their parents and agree the plea is the best option we spoke to Tanya Acker a judge fromTV’s hot bench about a provision in their plea deal that delays incarceration for at least 90 days both sides might have something to gain in this delay the prosecution will be able to suggest that look you know we’ve worked out some of the initial kinks in dealing with this pandemic and trying to reduce it spread inside of these facilities and to Lori Loughlin point she took a deal at a time when prosecutors might be incentive to try to get rid of cases Laughlin played wholesome Aunt Becky on the show full house and was the queen of Hallmark Channel holiday movies so will she be able to get her career back on track I think thinks she will have a comeback I think she will want think people are very forgiving but there is no room for error if she doesn’t take a hundred percent responsibility as part of the plea agreement Lachlan and her husband not only agreed to jail time but to also pay four hundred thousand dollars in fines

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