Does the Communist Party of China control Google and Apple?

The power grab is not limited to the Communist Party it extends to the worldwide web it reaches your phones does China control American tech giant’s Google and Apple yes it does. Google and Apple shoot down anti China apps the latest victim is an Indian app that fuel the boycott China campaign an app that helped you delete all Chinese applications from your phone downloaded more than 50 lakh times in the last two weeks now suspended by the Google Play Store,Imagine you download an app one that is called remove Chinese apps the name is so illogical it gives away the apps function to top that it asks you before doing its job that is deleting the Chinese apps would you then accuse the app of deceiving you or misleading you into deleting applications from your phone we hope not but Google doesn’t credit you with this basic intelligence it is taken down remove China apps from its Play Store the Indian app has been accused of violating policies according to Reuters google says the app misled users into removing third-party apps removed China app had become a top trending free apps in India it had over five million downloads in two weeks the app rose amid calls for boycotting Chinese apps in India China was not happy and Google did everything in its capacity to improve the Dragons mood what next will Google take on every app that take son China or provides an alternative to Chinese applications another app was removed from the Play Store Metron was an alternative to tic tok the app handover five million downloads Google accused Metron of violating policies have you ever wondered how tic tok with all its offensive content never managed to violate any of Google’s policies the Chinese app is sitting comfortably on the Play Store it enjoys a 4.4 star rating just last week it had 1.2 how did it jump Google removed millions of 1 star ratings for tick-tok why the company said it was protecting tick-tok from a so-called mass attack why is Google dancing to China’s tombs almost all of its services are blocked in mainland China but it’s a huge market Google wants to woo dancing along with it is Apple with pretty much the same moves in October 2019 Happen removed HK map live the app was used by organizers of Hong Kong protests again the app was accused of violating App Store Policies Apple said the app also violated local laws only to add that the decision to remove HK map live was solely apples coming back to the question does China control American tech giant’s Google and Apple you have your answer you will report we own will this one

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