Fired NASCAR Star Wins World of Outlaws Race

it felt really good yeah we were a little off at hot laps on the track with greasy and if so the first the first left Bob I kind of took it easy not knowing you know how the grip would be feeling for where I was spinning my tires but was able to still lay down a good lap that first time I guess see my lap time on the board you know as I took the white I think we were quick time then so I knew the next stop as long as I get my marks which would be really good they will hold it flat and you’ve been a free pretty different tracks Knoxville and Jax last weekend inhere took in different driving styles especially just jumping in and running you know five really quick races here on the course last couple weekends how does that challenge use the drive on your driving style especially as physical as always here tight yeah I mean this even more so honestly we’ve been struggling in most places this year so you come here and build on this this run and try and try a new one tomorrow so just a good night come back blood goes through your mind those last couple of hours so your brother-in-law bride and you guys can play side-by-side very comfortable ton of times I’ll be kind of showing those they’re late even more on and look you feel maybe you do differently looking back at it here yeah I don’t know I think be a Littlemore patient probably I slid in front of them the one time and cleared him but I couldn’t get down the front church like I needed to and he got back by me and then I tried to pull the trigger on him maybe a lap or two later I wanted to I should have just probably followed him the one and two there and maybe I could stay closer the next few laps to be closer or even to the bottom in Korean for for the final lap but it was a lot of fun racing him it reminded me of trophy Cup in 2013 I think we had that battle where we got together come out of course so was hoping it was goanna be that way again and we’re not actually not wrecking but but hoping that I could pass him you he’s the best there is right now so anytime you go to toe to toe with him and almost Ejim out it’s good so we’ll try and be a little bit better tomorrow felt like I was better than him so just gotta just got to do a little bit better decision-making on my own

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