Indian government ban fifty nine Chinese apps.

  • For the last few weeks China has been playing mind game with India on many Fronts. Now in one bold move that even many Chinese experts could not predict, by banning multiple Chinese app, India has changed the entire scenario. According to the Chinese government mouthpiece ultra nationalism appears to have taken over India.
  • Which is responsible for calls for boycotting Chinese product? Well, Chinese media can say whatever they want but the official statement from India states data security as its primary concern.
  • It should be pointed out that some experts in China were almost over confident about their reliability on Chinese products. But there is one thing that some Chinese analyst tends to forget, why should China complain anyway? If China can ban American apps in China, India can also ban Chinese app in India. Expert believes that if China doesn’t change its ways, things can even go worse for China. After seeing India’s bold move, other countries may start banning Chinese app too.
  • As far as Tik-tok is concerned, there were concerned voices in America long before the recent tension between India and China. So, will this move have an economic impact on India? The answer to that question should not be very complicated. There is nothing that can be considered more important and valuable than India’s national security.
  • The financial aspects of Nation’s security so high that any economic gain due to such app is too small to even consider. The amount that India is forced to spend on its defense budget due to a hostile neighbor and the sacrifices of Indian soldiers are valuable for India.
  • Instead of calculating the economic impact on India, China should worry about the future of these apps without India. India with its massive young and tax savvy population is a ‘golden Bird’ for any tech startup which has global ambitions. As far as India is concerned only signal a massive economic opportunity for Indian apps and startups.

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