Is it possible for US to delay the 2020 elections ?

A series of tweets that were put forth by Donald Trump suggesting a possible delay in elections. An important question of course is popped up, “can the President of the united states delay elections in the country?”

A total of 15 states have delayed their presidential primaries at this point and that presents the pressing question of, whether the presidential election in November itself could be delayed?

A law that dates back to 1845 U.S presidential elections are slated for the first of Tuesday in the month of November every four years, third of November is the date in the year 2020. it will take an act of the congress to change the date of the elections and that means that it will have to be approved by the majorities.

The democrat-controlled house of representatives and also the republican-controlled senate, the prospect of a bipartisan legislative consensus signing off on any delays is unlikely even under extreme circumstances and not only that, the voting they were to be changed. The US constitution mandates that the presidential administration only lasts for four years in other Words Donald Trump’s first term will expire on the 20th of January 2021 at noon one way or another he might get another four years if he’s re-elected or he could be replaced by democrat Joe bidden if he gets defeated. The clock is of course ticking for Donald Trump and even a postponed election will not be able to stop it.

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