More than 20 students at University of St Andrews allege rape by the members of fraternity body

One of the world’s oldest universities, now finds itself embroiled in a scandal, as dozens of women have alleged sexual misconduct on campus anonymous complaints from an Instagram account titles st. Andrews’ survivors have yet again put the focus on the subject of sexual consent an anonymous.

 Instagram page has brought to light more than 20 allegations of rape and several more involving sexual assault harassment and coercion by the students at the prestigious st. Andrews University in Scotland, dozens of women have alleged that they were attacked by the members of the st.Andrews arm of the controversial u.s. styled fraternity called Alpha Epsilon Pi following these complaints several members of this fraternity have now been suspended.

 The Instagram account st.Andrews’ survivors states it clearly that it is not affiliated in any way to the University says that its primary concern right now to support those who have made these complaints and was urging the alleged victims to report the incidents to the police in addition to this all students at st. Andrews University will be given compulsory lessons about sexual consent news reports say that nine separate rape claims have been made against some members of this fraternity.

 The Alpha Epsilon Pi is a global fraternity group with a well-known alumni network including the likes of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and ESPN founder Chet Simmons global fraternity group has faced sexual allegations in the past as well, on the other hand, st. Andrews is the third oldest university in the english-speaking world and is sought after for higher education with famous former students including Prince William and Katherine that is the Duchess of Cambridge for now the University says that it will work with the Scotland police to investigate these claims.

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