Nepal Continue to blame India for wuhan virus

Nepal continues to up the ante the amendment to rewrite the map has received the full support of the house of representatives which is the lower house of the Nepalese parliament, it’s a cross-party backing now for what they call a nationalistic cause if that wasn’t enough yet again in the Nepal parliament. PM KP Sharma Oli said India is occupying Nepal territory. The new map by Nepal marks the disputed territory of lipu lake as its own the amendment proposal also depicts areas of kalapana and libya dura within Nepal’s borders India though says its forces will remain in this territory surprisingly prime minister Oli has found an unlikely adversary in the whole border dispute. The chief minister of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh he has advised Nepal to not repeat the mistake of Tibet from 1959 to 1989 Nepal allowed Tibetans to cross the border. The following persecution under china claimed Tibet as its own in 1989 after closing up with china Nepal stopped the Tibetan refugees from settling permanently, Along with being the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Aditiya also heads the gorak peat in Durgapur.The temple serves as a cultural and religious bridge between India and Nepal a large section of the Nepalese population hold the temple in high esteem recognizing this Yogi Adityanath said and i quote the two countries have cultural historical and mythological links that date back to several centuries and Nepal should remember this PM only of Nepal did not take the comment well it shows where Nepal’s allegiance lies with china his reply to yogi Adityanath betrays any understanding of the diplomatic relations between the two countries India and Nepal he took it as a threat he said Adityanath is not the decisive person in the central government and that he’s just a chief minister Oli said he considers the comments as contempt towards Nepal that Nepal’s not ready to be despised if the border dispute was not enough the Nepal prime minister said 85 percent of the covet-19 cases in Nepal came from India Nepal once again is blaming India for the Wuhan virus Nepal has more than 4000 confirmed cases at least 15 people have died due to the wuhan virus despite the repeated instigation’s India has called on Nepal to create a positive environment but Nepal does not seem to understand territorial integrity.

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