Politics on Peace Agreements: Trump calls his victory over the peace deal between Israel and the two Gulf countries,projecting himself as a Peacemaker

Israeli Prime Minister Bezamin Netanyahu is the old debtor to President Donald Trump. When Netanyahu was engulfed in political crises, Trump helped him diplomatically. Leaders of Gulf countries are also grateful to Trump, as Trump has always tightened up on his arch enemy Iran. These countries were saved from criticism in America. This is why leaders of the Gulf country, like Netanyahu, want Trump to win again in November.

The new agreement was signed between Israel and the two Gulf countries United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain on Tuesday (local time) at the White House. Trump is promoting the deal as historic. This included Netanyahu and Gulf officials. All showed their support for Trump.

The agreement will not lead to complete peace

The reality is that the agreement will not lead to complete peace, as Trump claims. This would only normalize relations between Israel and those countries (Bahrain and UAE). People will be able to travel between these countries and diplomatic contacts will increase. These are countries that have not fought each other for many years. In fact, they have already been allies to each other, especially against Iran.

Trump claims about the deal

New Trump campaign advertisements are claiming that President Trump’s messages on foreign policy have made him ready for the deal. Trump is making harmony in the disorganized Middle East (West Asia) by removing all the mutual bitterness and uncertainties between them.

The Trump campaign’s Facebook ad reported last week that Trump had achieved peace making in the Middle East. For this, his name has been nominated for the Nobel Prize.In this also, Nobel’s spelling was written wrongly. Thousands of people send entries for this and anyone can be nominated for it. Trump was nominated by two Norwegian right-wing leaders for this.

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