Research of Oxford University: If the waist size is 40 inches or more, then reduce the risk of death from prostate cancer by such people is 35%

According to Oxford University researchers, frozen fat on the stomach is
the most dangerous, it affects the organs like intestines,liver and pancreas.

Another danger of increasing obesity has been reported by scientists at Oxford University. According to research conducted here, if a man’s waist is more than 40 inches,then the risk of his death from prostate cancer is up to 35%. Research has been done on 2 lakh men.

Another point of study is the most shocking. According to the researchers, the danger here does not mean high body fat or high BMI. Due to the increase in fat on specific parts of the body, the risk increases. This is why scientists have also listed the reasons for this.

Belly fat is the most dangerous

Research says, frozen fat on the stomach is the most dangerous because it affects the liver, pancreas and intestines, the most important organs of the body. It affects the ability of these organs to function. In addition, it increases the number of cancer cells.

Research lasted for 10 years

This research was recently presented at an international conference on obesity in Britain. The scientists monitored the body mass index (BMI), total body fat, waist circumference and hip size of the people involved in the research for 10 years.

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