Son of federal judge was shot dead and husband is wounded at their home in New Jersey

The husband and the son of federal judge were shot at their home in New Jersey. The son did not survive. Judge Esther Salas was unharmed.

Police has blocked the entire area; A search warrant has been issued for the gunman. A man dressed up as delivery boy arrived at the front door, the husband, Defense Attorney answered the door. Their 20 year old son Daniel was shot and killed. Husband is wounded and now is in the hospital for surgery.

Source says the judge was in the basement downstairs at that time and is not injured. The police are searching for the gunman who got away. Neighbors are in shock and cannot imagine why anybody would want to harm this family. We love them very much and would do anything for them and i think they would do anything for anyone.

The Judge Esther Salas handles very high profile cases. Police at this point are trying to determine the motive of this shooting.

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