Supreme court judgment LGBTQ workers protected from job discrimination.

The Supreme Court has ruled that title 7of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which makes it illegal for employers to fire employees based on sex. Also covers sexual orientation now the lower courts had been divided on this and the Trump administration cited against this ruling saying no that when Congress passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964 nobody was thinking about sexual orientation it was simply discrimination against men or women, but today the Supreme Court said no that’s not the case sexual orientation is considered part of that 1964 Civil Rights Act now this is a victory for an Atlanta man Gerald Bo-stock who worked for the county and was fired after his employer discovered that he was on a gay softball team he sued, and the lower court said sorry you can’t sue under the Civil Rights Act it doesn’t cover sexual orientation and today the Supreme Court said that’s wrong it’s an issue that had divided the lower courts now on the same day that this case was argued the Supreme Court heard another case on whether it’s also illegal under this same civil rights law to fire someone for transgender status we don,’t have that decision the Supreme Court as you know at this time of the pandemic is not happening in the courtroom all this is going on virtually and frankly all we have so far the decision is the very first page we have been told now that it’s starting to line up, and the vote is 6 to 3 with Neil Grouch one of the Trump appointees joining the Chief Justice John Robertson the courts for more liberal members to form these 6 to 3 majorities.

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