The German automobile market may fall; up to 400,000 jobs are in grave danger.

The auto industry road ahead looks bumpy for Germany’s once thriving auto industry the corona virus pandemic has dented the economic prospects of some of the biggest and most well known car brands in the world including Mercedes BMW Audi Volkswagen and Porsche.

The car industry is an apparent decline, an estimates say more than 800,000 jobs will be gone by the year 2030 in the German auto industry hit by the corona virus induced lock-downs .The new car sales in Germany plummeted by almost 50 percent Iranian in the month of May with new car registrations at just over 160,000, cars the car sales recovered a bit in June but were still down over 32 percent June last year registering one of the worst performances in three decades for the car industry of Europe’s largest economy that is Germany the German automaker .

Daimler has already said that it may cut additional 10,000 jobs under a new cost saving program while BMW has also revealed its plans to cut 6,000 jobs and slam its brakes on Mercedes self-driving Alliance Fox Wagon, on the other hand, is also planning to cut 5,000 jobs by transferring production to Poland the German auto sector jobs are in danger, but just but not because of the global economic slowdown that is threatening the car industry both in the overseas market and a domestic market the shift from conventional petrol and diesel powered cars to electric cars is also putting pressure on the auto sector jobs electric cars require around six times fewer paths in a combustion engine and as a result, it means fewer workers to assemble an electric car.

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