United States answer to Chinese PLA aggression.

The United States is looking to deploy its army to counter the threat from the Chinese military.US military is station in more than 150 countries and these soldiers have their eye on Chinese troops a next report breaks
down the global presence.

The American forces, you could disagree with Donald Trump on many things, but there is one thing that the US president doesn’t lie about the United States has the best military by far anywhere in the world. The American military remains the strongest fighting force in the world and this is not about weapons the presence of the US Defense Forces, Extends beyond the borders of America nearly two hundred thousand personnel are on active duty outside the United State.

States they are stationed in more than 170 countries the US military is on every continent on the planet they are backed up by a global network of military installations the United States still remains the largest operator
of military bases abroad in 2015 a report claimed that the United States maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries in comparison countries like Britain France and Russia have around 30 bases combined but what’s of interest to India is the US.

Indo-pacific command earlier this was known as the Pacific Command but the Trump administration renamed with two years ago declaring its greater emphasis on South Asia especially towards India the Indo Pacific Command is a Combined arms force unit of the United States, it’s one of the oldest and largest combatant commands that specifically deals with the Indo Pacific the Indo-pacific command has been busy with China’s stepping up its military activities America too stepped up its patrolling in the region this month.

Three American warships patrol in the waters closes to China the USS Theodore Roosevelt with its strike group was seen in the Philippine Sea near Guam the USS Nimitz Strike Group was in the Pacific waters of the u.s. west coast and the US Ronald Reagan was deployed from Japan to the Philippine Sea but on the south side this happened in the First time
in unit reals a report described the American build up as an unusual site three warships accompanied by the American Navy cruisers destroyers fighter jets and other aircraft if the United States wants to escalate the
pressure on China the Indo Pacific is where the action will be thorough report beyond well this one.

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