United States NSA Robert O’Brien test positive for Chinese virus infection .

The latest corona virus updates from the United States, As the pandemic continues
to escalate in the U.S.The national security advisor Robert O’Brien has now
tested positive for the infection.

O’Brien has now become the highest ranking official in the administration to test
positive, but even with the virus breaching trump’s inner circle. The White House
maintains there is no risk to exposure to the president or the vice
President Mike Pence.

Trump also said that he had not seen the advisor lately and did not know when he
had tested positive, however, the news caught White House staff by surprise there
were also conflicting reports about his presence near the president.

While some said he had not been in the White House for days now many believed to
have seen him just last week more importantly O’Brien had traveled to Paris in
mid-July to represent the United States.

Bastille Day ceremonies he also met French President Emmanuel Macron .

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